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Carlifornia - Switzerland - France - Germany - Poland - LethuaniaLatva - Russia - Mongolia

I felt pretty stupid when Jessica droped me at the airport and I sawI had
one new shoe on one foot and one old shoe on the other one, thank you Jessica you shoerely saved my butt !!!



All good things came to an end, tomorrow, Lorraine and Milou will fly to New York and monday I will fly to Geneva, get my sidecar and ride to Africa (but Milou has hesitation between the two).

San Francisco has a lot of character and is very fun to visit.



My resolution for the year 2011 are:


- Ride

- Look

- Meet people


I wish you the best year ever and I hope that one of these days, I will meet with you somewhere on the road !!!


U-bear AKA Humberto - Humbertof - Yuruul  or Hubert



For the first time this month, I feel the end of the holiday season, by wednesday, I will be in Geneva riding my sidecar.

While Jean-Louis is cooing in Morocco, he is sending his best wishes for 2011 to everyone.



I added a new link on the left column "Timelessride Map"

It just give a visual of the path of my travel, you can click on any path, it will take you to the the same page you already have on the top menu "Polar Zones - South America - Central America - North America - Europe - Eurasia - Middle East and Africa"



Doesn't it feel good to eat too much !!!


I put online the story about the creation of the "Botero" gas tank.



Merry Chistmas everybody, Santa Claus is coming tonight !!!



Jean Louis arrived yesterday in Marrakech. He will pick up Alison who is coming from New York for the holidays and will ride in the mountains of Moroco until the begining of the year.

I think Jean Louis send me this photo to make sure I will not waiste time to go meet him in Moroco in Januaury !

In Moroco, for $5 at the local gas station, you can delight yourself with the very delicious
"Tagine" made of beef boiled with the fat and bones, caramelized onions, grapes (Jumbo) and prunes.



It was the first time we met with Robert and Richard but during the whole evening, it was just like a dinner with old friends !

Both Robert and Richard bought a Ural sidecar this year and we had a lot to talk about. I am very grateful to meet people like that as I go around the world, it is very simple, easy and creates rich  relationship that will stay for ever !

Thank you Robert for suggesting we met in Sacramento and thank you Richard for coming from Los Angeles to have dinner with us tonight.

Don't think Milou had a face lift, Lorraine was just trying to hold her head for the photo.



The trip to San Francisco was great. Walking the streets of downtown was peaceful, the Aperture class just a beginning and the return to Sacramento at the end of the day was busy.

I updated the menus on my web site to include Africa in 5 differents regions and to remove the "The Man - The tool - The Goal" which is now only at the page "Where is Hubert" as the "Introduction to the Ride". I also added a new link on that page called "How did it all start". Finally I added a new link at the bottom of the left column for the iPad community that do not display the menus so they have access to all the countries with one clik from any page of the web site.

While in San Francisco, I treated myself with a new pair of my favorite shoes - the only one I own !



I had a fascinating weekend with the family - Lorraine, Jessica, Andrew, Jack and Grayson and Charles and Jan (Andrew children and parents) - We went to the Yosemite National Park and stay in a yurt. It was raining non stop from friday night when we arrived to sunday morning when we left. We were very comfortable inside the heated yurt, just having fun together.

Today, I go downtown San Francisco take  a class on "Aperture" (photo programme) at the Apple store.

Jean-Louis arrived in Morocco with the same weather we have here in California.



For who ever want to have dinner with Robert, Richard, Lorraine, Andrew, Jessica and me, came join us:

- Wednesday 22, december at 6:00 PM

- Esquire Grill, 1213 K Street, Downtown Sacramento, CA



It's official, we have a dinner set wednesday december 22 in Sacramento with Richard and Robert and who ever want to join us.

Robert is picking up a place in Sacramento and I will post it as soon as he let us know.



It's happening from the guestbook:

Hello Richard, Robert and who ever !
Let's have a dinner next week in Sacramento together with who ever wants to join us. Richard you came from Los Angeles, why don't you pick a date and Robert, you are from Sacramento, you pick a place.
How does that sound to you, I will be delighted to meet with you.



Lorraine and Milou are in transit and will arrive this evening in San Francisco.

I Fedexed my helmet from the Arctic Circle to Merril - Cincinatti - I met at my return from South America.

Merril travelled to 71 countries including South America on his 1150 GS.
He has a collection of art of 29 1150 GS gas tank and I thought that my helmet will find there a sweet home.



It's 19ºF in Rochester, we (Lorraine, Milou and me) are flying to Sacramento in California for the holidays with Jessica and Andrew.



At the end, I bought the high end of the Macbook Air. The 13" 2.13GHz, 256 SSD Drive with 4GB of Ram. With this configuration, it's faster than the basic Macbook Pro and the screen quality is much better also.

Merry Christmas Hub-air

Milou who is not audiovisual, could care less about my new "Air" computer !



Jean Louis left today from Grasse (South of France) to Maroco.

At the local bank, Jeff proudly offer me a 2011 full leather Agenda weighting 2 lb,
"Thank you Jeff, but I would prefer you give me back the 6% I had when I opened my account a few years ago !"



Your studded tires are on their way Frank !

I spoke to jean louis yesterday when he arrived at his sister's house in Grasse (south of France) on his way to Spain and Maroco. He had a rough ride from Germany with snow and cold weather but he pushed it overnight to arrive there at 8 am. His sidecar is breaking slowly, drinking too much gas and he find his suspension (Hagon 45kg) to hard but other than that he is doing well.

I am shopping for a new Mac, this one is almost 4 years old.

I am hezitating and saturday, i wanted to buy the new Macbook Air 11", Sunday the new Macbook Air 13" and today the Macbook Pro 13". As soon as I will want to buy the same computer 2 days in a row, I will go buy it !



Frank that I only know through internet wrote on the guestbook "I hope whoever gets those tires you so generously offer cherishes them and uses them wisely. It is so easy for the little things in life to find their way to the scrap heap of history.

I would have them on a wall with a notation of their history, who and what they represent.

It's not for me to decide, I'm just saying...."

I immediately answered him "Not only i like a lot your idea, but the shipping is on me Frank. For three years before I went to the Acrtic Circle, everyday, I was looking at my studded tires in my living room dreaming about it !!!
For you to put them on your wall sound much more meaningful than someone who would do a couple of donuts a year whith them.
Send me your information, I will be very happy to send you my studded tires !!!"

Hello Frank, your tires have been tied...

and "duckted", they are ready to ship !



During the winter 2005, when leaving New York for my "Ten Years on the Road", I went to cross the Arctic Circle by the Dempster Highway and ride the ice road from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk with my studded tires.

Today, Jessica is riding the BMW R100GSPD/Ural in California. I still have the studded tires that I would like give to somebody who would have a use for it. All you have to pay is the shipping charges. Send me an email if you want them.

Rear tire is 130/80-17 and the front tire is 90/90-21.


On the ice road from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk.

The studs did a good job on the ice on that time.

At my return, I changed the studs in the middle of the rear tire because they were torn.

The front tire did not needed to be be fixed.



Jessica orginized a family reunion for thanksgiving with 25 members of her great grand'ma descendants. It was great to see all these smily faces even if we eat too much !

Tonight I am flying to Rochester, New York to be with Lorraine for her last 2 weeks of classes before Christmas.

Jean-Louis spend the weekend in Munich with his friends but when you do so much transformation on a bike, you expect to have to make some adjustments, you need a few thousands miles before it all works together as you wish !


One year ago today, I was entering Mongolia after crossing the 2500 miles of the snowy frozen Transsiberian highway in Siberia. It was a long ride to get there but it was worth it, I loved the winter I spend In Mongolia, and I miss my Mongols friends a lot!

Jean-Louis will have to pass the snowy Alpes to go from Munich, Germany to go south to Africa !

I'm so glad it's not my turn to ride under the snowy highway, I enjoy California a lot !!!



We are at Andrew's parents house, were Charles and Jan's, are top chefs cooking the turkey for thanksgiving. They laugh a lot watching the video "Where is Lorraine ?" I just put online.



Lorraine flew from New York to California with a connection in Atlanta to celebrate thanksgiving with Jessica. As I wanted to be in California for Christmas and being too late to reach Marakech before, with Jessica's complicity, I managed to take a plane from Geneva and surprise Lorraine with a rose in my hand at the Atlanta hub. It was a success,a total surprise for her, she was in shock when she saw me. Milou also was very happy.

I was expecting Lorraine to screem when she first saw me, but she was under shock between real and irreal !!!



The sidecar is almost ready, we finished the relocation of the black tube for the air f ilter, the box for the oil and the sand tracks that all had to work together.

Jean Louis is a Loew in Germeny doing his air filter.

How do you want Claude to drill straight, he is not even looking at what he is doing.

We found a simple solution to hold the sand tracks with one single buterfly screw and tubes between the tracks.

Guenther at the Ural importer, Linz, Austria, proudly installed the new gas tank on Jean-Louis' sidecar

Jean Louis bought this old military aluminium first aid case perfectly water proof at Däar, Munich.



Yesterday, Jean Louis went to Linz, Austria visit Hari, the European Ural importer to get the large capacity gas tank made by the Ural factory in Siberia. There no major problem for the fitting but they just filled up a little bit of gas to go to the gas station so we still don't know the real capacity of the gas tank. We will have photos as soon a Jean Louis wakes up ! Meanwhile, Jean Louis is at Marc and Susie's house where he enjoy the cordon bleu cooking of Susie.

This week, he will be at Loew doing his air filter. Jean Louis has the original idear to locate one air filter on each side at the place of the side cover. Then Thomas will set up and balance the carbs.

It is fair to say that after a slow start, Jean Louis is moving faster than me !

As for me, I am doing some finishing on my sidecar today and hope to ride it tomorrow with my new "Botero" gas tank and the new shock abosorber I installed this week - Hagon, front: 40kg, rear and sidecar wheel: 45kg.



To fit the sand tracks on the side of the sidecar, I had to move the air intake tube and the box containing the oil and grease.

The boxe containing the battery for the winter will contain oil can and grease for Africa.

I slide the sand tracks in a U rail, I just have to found out how to attach them.



Jean Louis has carburation problem under heavy rain and snow on his way to Linz Austria where he will install the large capacity gas tank made by the factory Ural in Irbit. As of last night, he still had 200 miles to do.


6:30pm: I just talk to Jean Louis who arrived at our friends Marc and Susie's house near Linz. The carburation problem was only a hose going to the carbutor not tight enough.

Jean Louis, left Geneva under heavy rain... and then snow !



Jean Louis arrived in Geneva just on time to watch Vettel winning the F1 championship. Tomorrow Jean-Louis will drive to Linz to get the large capacity gas tank made by the Ural factory for us and do most of his preparation with his friends in Munich. I will finish my preparation here in geneva with Giorgio.

The first time Giorgio, Jean-Louis and me were together was in New York many ago, today was the second time !



I finally found the gas knob I was looking for, thank you Giorgio and I like a lot the URal logo on the gas tank.

I will definitely filled it up today !!!

It's our 28th anniversary Lorraine, I love you very much !!!


The answer for the gas tank capacity is in the story on the page "Where is Hubert"

The gas knob is the red thing at the bottom rear of the gas tank.



I did not filled it up yet !!!

Before I do, I want to put 2 knobs under the gas tank at the hose communicating the left and right side and it appeared to be more difficult that I thought to find them. I have 2 addresses where I will go tomorrow morning... believe me, i am as impatient as the many emails and comments I received.

I want it right before I filled it up, I need 2 gas knobs between the left and the right side !



Yesterday, we varnished the red glasses on the gas tank and this afternoon I am mounting it on the sidecar !

It did not go easy, I have to lower the coil to clear the bottom of the gas tank, make an adjustment on the saddle... it is on now but it took time.

Tomorrow, I will go filled it up !!!



Last night, we went to Claude and Suzanne's house eat a Hungary specialty:

Taliatelle, bacon, faisselle and sugar (faisselle is between yogurt and cream cheese), it was very delicious.

Then because Suzanne is a porcelaine painter, I brought her my gas tank to paint the embossed glasses in red !!!

Today is a rainy day with the Grand Prix of GP motorcycle in Barcelona and Grand Prix of Formula one in Brasil... i will mount the gas tank tomorrow and filled up to found out who I will have dinner with !!!

Very meticuslously, Suzanne is painting the embossed glasses in red unde Claude's scrutiny !



Yesterday, Giorgio was happy from his work in an appartment in the center of Geneva but late that evening, the phone ring "The optical store on the ground floor have no watter !"

Early this morining, we went to fix the problem,
one pipe had been cut by mistake when connecting the appartment !!!



5:00pm: Finally, I got my gas tank painted and i like it a lot.

All I have left to do is to paint the glasses in red and mount it on the sidecar.



Thank you Sibylle from Oasis guesthouse in Ulaanbaatar to make it possible to deliver a truck of coal to Pourou's family in Zummod. I thinking of my Mongols friends everyday, I wish you a warm winter.

Pourou's wife, Hischigdortsch at the delivery of the truck of coal in her ger of Zummod.



This weekend, I went to the side car show, at Ste Foy l'argentiere, France organised by "Amicale Sidecariste de France".

It was fantastic to meet so many people, many of them I did not knew but all coming to the sharing the same feeling "Thank you Hubert, your travel makes me dream everyday !"

I was touch to meet each of you at the show today, and I hope to meet with you again somewhere on the road !

It's getting better and better by the minutes for Africa !!!

Just to keep you more confused, this photo shows the original bottom on the right with the new one on the left !



Carlos will do the painting of my gas tank next week because he is on a family cruise this week. I got my "Sand tracks" made from 3 mm alumiun. They are 3 foot by 1. I just have to do the holes and embossed them to stick in the sand. I will locate them along the left side of the sidecar body.

With a big smile on his face, Jean-Louis is having his first contact with his sidecar (nice color Jean-Louis !)



I spend the last 3 days with Francois in his garage finishing the gas tank. Needless to say how greatful I am to Francois for his generosity and privilege I am to have witness the making of his masterpiece - of art !

At this time nobody knows the real capacity of Francois's gas tank and we will know it only after the painting it when we will filled it up for the first time.

Finally Jean Louis is going to pickup his sidecar in St Remy de Provence tomorrow.

Thank you Chantale for your special thought of the masterful "signature" realised by François.



Two great news, I bought a truck of coal in Ulaanbaatar to be delivered today at the ger (yourte) in the big village where "HISCHIGDORTSCH", Pourou's wife lives during the winter with their kids going at school. With this truck, they have enough coal for the whole winter.

I updated the photos in "The Best of Times !"

Today is relax day and tomorrow morning, I go back with Francois after the Korean Grand Prix of F1.

I miss Mongolia a lot, I think of my friends there everyday !!!



The last couple of days, I have been in the Switzerland mountain working with Francois on the finishing and adjustment of his new large capacity gas tank. There are many problems but we are solving them one a time. We hope to have it ready for painting by Sunday night.

During that time, Jean Louis is working his paper work and hope to pickup his new Ural sidecar at St Remy de Provence monday.

François is doing an herculean jog on his enormously huge, massive, colossal and gigantic gas tank !!!



We went to visit Francois today, he think the gas tank will be finished by thursday. We are now going to see with Carlos for the painting. Tomorrow, Van is back and we are finishing the welding work for the preparation for Jean louis and me for Africa.

Sascha, a doctor friend of Claude, removed my stiches tonigth and it hurted like hell. (;+>



Francois is back from his vacations at Saint Tropez, he immedaitly jumped on his hammer and his torch. I had the privilege to witness his work and the process to the fabrication of this unique gas tank !!!

Francois heat two sheet of metal next to each other and melt it to one piece with the toch.



Congratulation to all my Chilean friend for your accomplishement, the world is watching you, you can be proud of your country !!!

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