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Morocco - France - Switzerland

The souks of Marrakech are worldwide known and the craftmanship of these people is just amazing.



After a few days in the mountains from the Anti-Atlas to the Alti-Atlas, we arrived for a few days in Marrakesh.

In Morocco, even the remote roads are in very good shape.



A typical day on the road in Morocco:

Usually, we wake up between 9 and 10 and we leave the room by 11am. Then we go to internet and have breakfast in any order. By noon either we decide to stay an other day or we decide where to go and we clear the hotel room and have lunch before we hit the road. When we ride, we stop countless of time to take photos, just enjoy looking around or eat a few slices of saucisson with a bite of nougat. After a ride of 60 to 100 miles we stop for the day before dark so we can enjoy the best light of the day to take picture where ever we stop. As we walk around, we test all the local food we can found and then we have dinner. After that, we go the hotel, fool around on the computer with our photos and by 9 or 10 pm we are asleep.

And that's the life of "Ten Years on the Road" in Morocco or the best of the life of Tim and Morgan !!!


PS: I am now updating the mini world map on the page Where is Hubert with the name of the location where we are and when you click on the that mini map, it will take you to a larger google map with a pointer on our location.

It's the first day in Morocco we have Wifi in the bedroom so today, we may be late on our tight schedule !!!



We ride north on remote deserted mountains road to Taliouine, the capital of "Safran" in Morocco.

Our first incounter with a wild dromadaire in Morocco.

Silent movie !!!



We arrived at Tata at the edge of the Sahara.

Yesterday, it was nice to stop early at Igherm. As we were walking through the village, we were able to eat a few cookies with a hot milk at a terrace under the sun, then we ate a few fried sardines accross the street and a few brochettes of liver and fat between 2 pieces of bread down the street and finally we ate a beef tagine in a restaurant.

Life is good !

The village of Igherm is only at 5000 feet but the temperature goes down to the single digit at night !



We camped next to the "Painted Rocks" made by the Belgium artist Jean Verame in 1984. Today, we ride the "Gorge de Tizerkine" and we are back in Tafraoute.

On the way out, yesterday morning, I had a broken wire shutting down the bike, it took us an hour to find it and fix it.

Jean-Louis testing the sand for the first time in the gorge de Tizerkine.



We are at Tafraoute in the mountains at only 3000' but it's quite cold even if it stopped raining 2 days ago. We are just in the process to find our marks and finishing to set up our sidecars.

Traditional tea at a Berber house.



We are back on the road riding south but we will go to Marakech in a few days.

As much as Agadir was nice because of Giorgio and the Pagnolesque team, it's not really our cup of tea, we prefer...

...the contacts we have in the littles villages where people have more authenticity.

The "Pagnolesque team" is flying back to Geneva and we are going back in the road. We will miss you my friends !



We had a great weekend with Giorgio, Pierrot, Giovani and Carlos.

Tomorrow they go back to Geneva and we will go back on the road.

At the souk of Agadir with my friend Giorgio and GIovani



After riding by El Jadida where I found Jean-Louis, sleeping in Oualidia where we ate oyster, then Essaouira, an 18th Century Medina with all it's orignal charm, and Imessouan, a fishing village becoming a world famous surfing sport, we arrived this afternoon at Agadir, 1000km south of Tanger where I landed in Morocco. The whole idear was to arrive at the same time as Giorgio and a few of his Marcel Pagnol friends who came to visit us from Geneva for the weekend.

Jean-Louis, Hubert, Pierrot, Carlos, Giorgio and Giovani all directly imported from Marcel Pagnol !!!



Morocco is like a huge Club Med where you feel secure everywhere, people as very very nice and food is very delicious.

Thank you Tim, it was a great idear to visit this fishing villages of oyster - Morgan

Hey, Morgan, I know a village doing oyster not far, you want to go there ? Tim, it sound like a great idear!!!



The ferry was perfect, I updated my website with 3 new stories so I am now up to date.

I ride 500 km from Tanger to El Jadida where I found my friend Jean-Louis.

Morocco is a very very hospitable country with no corruption, where you feel at ease from the first minute you are there... not to mention the fishes are delicious !

When I found my friend Jean-Louis this afternoon in El Jadida, I felt as strong as... (see photo below)

when Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman found each other at the end of the movie "The Shawshank Redemption !!!"



I love going on a ferry because as soon as I board it, I feell I am in vacation !

I will leave from Sete in France to Tanger, Morocco tonight for a 35 hours ride.

With my sister Isabelle and my cousine Christine, last minute emergency shopping for Africa

Before I left Mougins, I went with Michel (guitar) to visit the talented Serge Renaudier at his gallery.



Last night i met with Nico and Sylvie who went by motorcycle to Dakar 4 years ago.

I am leaving Mougins and will have dinner with my sister Isabelle at Congenies tonight.

Mougins' central place, coffee with Nico and Sylvie who contated me through the guestbook.



I just bought my boat ticket to go from Sete, France to Tanger, Morocco sunday night.

I went with my friend Michel to have lunch with Jean Louis' sister Geneviève at Grasse.



 A couple of weeks ago, Marion found me after 28 years when we lost contact each other after I left the Paradis Latin in 1983.

Marion since had a beautiful daughter Lara not 23, and becomes a successful talented sculptor and has a permanent gallery in the center of Mougins, France.

We were very happy to see each other again after 28 years (here with her mother)

Quick visit of my friends Philippe and Renée at Nice, France.



I arrived without any problem to Mougins at my friends house.

I had several comments made on how come the bearings of the axel of the sidecar wheel broke, my answer is very simple, when you live all year long on a bike, it's not about "if" it broke but "when" it broke and for that you want a bike that will be easely fixed where ever you are in the world and the Ural is one of them.

I will try to surprise my friend Papamagique at nice for a coffee today.

Mougins at Michel et Swava's house, it sunny all over !!!



Back to square one at Classic Bike Esprit in Saint Remy de Provence where I bought the sidecar 2 years ago. Neil and Sarah took care of Jean Louis last month and are doing the same with me this time, what a treat.

I had this squeaking sound on the road, I was able to ride 150 miles at slow speed to Neil and Sarah to change the 2 faulty bearings.

I go sleep in their house and we will finish the job tuesday morning


1:30pm: it's an other success, the bearings are monted, i go on the road to Mougins.

While on the road, never a dull moment: this time it was the 2 bearing of the axel of the sidecar wheel !!!!



Yesterday, I visited my cousin Christine in Montauban and today I am riding to Mougins to visit my 2 friends Michel and Marion who just found me after 28 years !

I better have to hurry up going to Morocco because
while I am riding through France, Jean-Louis, already in Marrakech is eating it all !!!



36 hours in dordogne meeting so many people i love.

At Pelonier, the new generation is looking pretty good and growing fast !



After I left Geneva, a couple of days ago, I was on the highway under pourring rain, when a huge yellow truck started to follow me, waving at me, using his horn and flashing his high light ! of course i understood he wanted me to stop, but I would not do it on the side of the highway. Unfortunately, he exit the highway before there was a gas station for me to stop !

That night, I had an email from him, it was Laurent I met 2 years ago at the Krystal rally !!! what a shame we could not give a hug each other that day.



Yesterday it rained half the way with strong wind but i managed to arrived at 6:30 pm. We had dinner at Dan's house where I slept like an angel. It felt good to be back on the road again.

This morning we did some maintenance and I am leaving at lunch time in direction of Pelonier my 2nd family from Dordogne where i will sleep tonight.

Dan was so happy, he had to try lying under the bike.



11:00am: I am packed hitting the road, my first stop will be Manzat to visit Dan tonight.



After arriving in Geneva at noon yesterday, I sorted all my bags to be orginized and as light as possible for Africa. We went to have dinner with Giorgio and Claude and Guy at Francois' house. This morning I was under coma until noon when Nana wake me up. This afternoon i worked on the sidecar, tonight is dinner with the "Marcel Pagnol" team and I want to take the road tomorrow...

I changed my oils, I am ready to hit the road !



8:30am: I felt pretty stupid when Jessica droped me at the airport and I saw I had one new shoe on one foot and one old shoe on the other one !!!

But thank you Jessica, she had time to go back home and bring me back the faulty shoe !!!

I'm on my way to geneva.

I felt pretty stupid when Jessica droped me at the airport and I sawI had
one new shoe on one foot and one old shoe on the other one, thank you Jessica you shoerely saved my butt !!!



All good things came to an end, tomorrow, Lorraine and Milou will fly to New York and monday I will fly to Geneva, get my sidecar and ride to Africa (but Milou has hesitation between the two).

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