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Mauritania - Morocco - France - USA - Morocco - France - Switzerland



We are on the road and should be at the Mauritanian border tomorrow.



We stayed at Dakhla for the day, doing little shoe repair, taillor maintenance and of course a little welding on the sidecar fender, no big deal!

When you have only one pair of shoes, you maintain them !!!



After a stop at Boujdour we arrived at Dakhla south of Morocco in the Sahara. Nobody really remember last time it rained here but today, I rained a lot !

The Mauritanian border is a couple of day away.

The arrival at Dakhla is like arriving at the Mont Saint Michel, the road is almost at sea level (here is low tide).



The ride south is pretty pleasant overall. At Laayounen in the Sahara, at 100ºF when riding the bike, it's ok, but when we stop, it getting really hot!

The Mauritanian border is 600 miles further south.

Look how fast my bike is running on this video !!!



Leaving El Ouatia to the south for what is officially called the Sahara.



It took us one day to go from Sidi Ifni to the "Plage Blanche", one day to enjoy the 25 miles of the Plage Blanche and one day to get out of the dunes and get back to Tan-Tan. We camped, ate grilled fish daily, did a lot of pushing and used successfully our sand tracks !!!

Once on the "Plage Blanche, you are guaranted to eat fresh fish, we choose the right one !!!



Sidi Ifni is a charming village of surfer with the tourist part on the sea and the local a little bit above where we prefered to walk in the sunday's souk.

Her bread may not pass FDA but I can tell you, it was really excellent!



Inspired by the F1 race of Turkey, we changed our F1 tires.

We are leaving Tiznit for the south.

I gave it my best shot but I was far from the time...

they made to change their tires in F1 !!!



We are leaving Agadir for the south.

We made it to Tiznit were we hope to find a TV to watch the Grand Prix of F1 sunday in Turkey!



We just arrived in Agadir. The ride along the Moroccan coast is magnificient. We slept on the beach every night and either we eat fish or we eat fish !!!

That day, it was dorades grilled on the beach, today, it was skate very very delicious.



On this sunny day, Tim and Morgan are riding south from the hosptable El Jadida.



An other rainy day and an other story on the website, life is good for Tim and Morgan in El Jadida, town where the originally met last January !!!



It rained the whole day, we slept late in the bed sheet of the hotel d'El Jadidan and we did a story on the web site.



We spend the last couple of days on the parking lot of Mr.Bricolage (french home depot) building this magnificient chamber of "tranquilisation" (quiete room to get clean air to the carburators with compression or detention).

We had all the plumbing supply needed at the store that we visited countless of time. Bottom line, it's a success, these 2 liters chambers change completely the way jean-louis' motor run, it's now totallly smooth at all rpm.

Thank you Giorgio, you can be proud of your apprentice, I used all the tricks you showed me installing the toilette pipe on jean louis' sidecar !!!


We are visiting the Hassan II mosk of Casablaca and will start riding south.

These 2 section of toilettes pipe
between the air filter and the carburatiors provide the needed 2 liters tranquilisation room.

On this side, it was more tricky to make it fit but we brilliantly succeeded !!!



In a matter of motor let's not mistake between:

- Chamber of de-congestion

- Chamber of detention

- Chamber of de-concentration

- Chamber of de-lectation

with the chamber of "TRANQUILISATION" which is a volume of  quite air between the air filter and the carburators.

We tested it with large diameter aluminium duct on Jean-Louis' sidecar and it for the first time it now run very smootly at all rpm.

Now that we put the finger on Jean-Louis' bike he is drawing a box of one gallon of air between both air filter and both carb that we will have made here before we go.

Here is the Chamber of "TRANQUILISATION" that make Jean-Louis' bike run smootly like magic !!!

Here is the originale small diameter air hose made by jean-louis in germany that never worked well.



Riding south to Mauritania (1250 miles), we stopped late last night in a camping at Mohammedia.

Since a few days, Jean-Louis' motor is not running smoothly anymore. He need to force the acceleration and it's very hard to get the motor warm in the morning. We put new spark plugs and are now trying a new coil to see if it makes any difference.

As for me, after listening to Bernard comment in Marrakech about the necessity of having a BBQ grill with you when you travel, and the oportunism of Jean-Louis looking at the inox grill protecting the high light, I modified their mounting so I can get it in 10 secondes when we will want to do BBQ on the road... it's going to be delicious !!!




"Friendship is like peeing your pants, everyone can see it, but only you can feel the true warmth"

Thank you to my friend Michel for this delicious quote on this easter sunday !!!

Tomorrow, we got our visas and we start riding south to Mauritania.



It feels good to be back on the road. We arrived in Rabbat just on time to apply for our visas for Mauritania tomorrow morning.

This is Jean-Louis' new look with his "Jet" helmet from the 70's.



After a long interlude in New York, Paris, Geneva and finally Marrakech, we are going back on the road in direction of Rabat to get our visa for Mauritania.

The sidecar are loaded, we are leaving now !!!



Saturday morning, I went to do a last little piece of welding to shorten the rear shock of the sidear. You may think that by now I become an expert at people welding on my sidecar like disconecting the battery but I learned more this time!

At one point while he was welding on the rear of the sidecar, he put the negative oon the frame of the sidecar too far away from where he was welding and the electricity travelled through motorcycle and came back to the sidecar by the negative feeding the lights of the sidecar. The negative brown wire melted from the motorcycle to the end of the sidecar wing where are the lights and that's what I am fixing today.

It was scary to see the smoke coming out of the wiring but I could have been much worst !!!



We worked a bunch of little details on our sidecars the whole week doing maintenance and improvements but I was very absorb after putting the new format of my web site online forGoogle translate and trying to debug it. I feel relieve I was able to clear most of them yesterday and i must say that when it works, looking the pages of the whole web site opening at the same speed in chinese, arabic or any of the 52 other languages is like magic.

We still have the hardest part of the jobto do before we can go again on the road, doing the packing of all our crap !!!

Our favorite machine shop at Marrakech.



Since one week I arrived in Marrakech, I only focussed on completing the change of format of all the pages of my web site to allow a smooth and spectacular instant translation in 52 languages. I am not yet done, but it already works pretty smoothly. Jean Louis is working on his sidecar and we are regularly visiting our good friends Laurent de la creperie bretonne and Bernard du restaurant le Chat qui rit.

Sunday, we had a nice ride in the desert with Bernard, Laurent and his family.



I arrived this moring at Marrakech, I got my sidecar from Younes and Mia's house, I will go pick up Jean-Louis when he arrives from New York.


I picked up Jean-Louis at the train station coming from Casablanca with a bag full of stuff and a good looking helmet !!!

By the way, arriving in Marrakech feels already like home, I know all my way around, how it works and people are very nice!

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