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3:00am Auberge Djamella in Bamako.

I met Jean-Louis in Casablanca, him coming from New York and me from Paris.

We just arrived at the auberge where everybody is sleeping.

Tomorrow we will get our sidecars and start preparing ourselves.

Thank you Eve and Peter for this marvelous weekend in Jersey. I love you very much -- Dad.

Rollover to see the nightmare I had after I went shopping in Jersey, UK !!!



The 600 miles we rode yesterday from Geneva to St Malo were under violent wind and rain but the car managed very smootly.

Getting on the ferry to go visit my daughter Eve and Peter at Jersey (UK).



We made the registration of Lorraine's car this morning and finished our shopping -- I know all the good stores of Geneva -- but most of the are closed until January 10 !!!

We packed and will leave early thursday morning for Normandie.

This morning at the post office of St Julien en Genevois, Cyrille (I did not know) looked at me say
"aren't you going back to Africa soon ? then he added "I am a fan of you but your biggest fans are my 2 daughters.
Often Axelle (photo) and her sister say, Dad, lets look at where is hubert with his red glasses !!!"



Geneva is fabulous, so many facinating people "à la Marcel Pagnol I love".

Giorgio found us a VW Polo for Lorraine to go around in Normandie. We got it check up today by Angelo and tomorrow morning we do the inspection and then the registration and thursday morning, we go to Normandie by car...

This is Aldo's -- Switzerland -- Ural sidecar in preparation for his Arctic Circle ride in Siberia next Avril.



We are leaving Paris for Geneva after 3 very productives days. Tonight we will celebrate the new year with Giorgio.


I wish everybody the best year ever for 2012 !!!




This is it for California, tomorrow, we fly to Paris.

Doctor, visa, glasses and for the 31st, we will be with Giorgio in Geneva.



I met Ron from the presentation I made last year at the Ural dealer Triquest in Santa Clara, California.

This year, his wife Linda wanted to surprise him for Christmas. She told him to come this morning to Sacramento -- one hour away from their home -- for a photo shoot. Like all of us, when your woman tells you to do something, you just do it... don't you ? (I was the surprise)

The plan worked perfectly, Jessica, Lorraine and Andrew came at the Tower Cafe and said "Hi, are you Ron and Linda ? We are here for the photo shoot". Jessica put her camera in front of their faces to distract then. As you can see in the photo below, I snuck behind them discreetely.. Then Jessica showed him the photo with me behind. It was a huge success !!!

Merry Christmas to all of you from the Hubert's family.

Rollover this photo to see how Ron was surprised when he saw me !!!



Last year, Robert and Richard, 2 new Ural aficionados (Triquest, Santa Clara) found me on interntet and we had dinner together in Sacramento. Robert (now Ro-bear) lives in Sacramento and Richard (now Ree-chard) came from Los Angeles on that occasion.

This is now a Christmas tradition, we had dinner together again last night, we had a great time, thank you my friends for this lovely dinner.

Left to right, Ree-chard, Elizabeth, Charles, Andrew, Jessica, Ro-bear, me and Lorraine at Sandra Dee's last night.



I had 2 choices for the Christmas Holiday, either going to Timbuktu or to Lake Tahoe !!!

I can tell you how glad I am to have chosen the second option, not only I had a fantastic time with Lorraine, Jessica, Andrew and the kids, but on top of that, nobody with a machine gun was telling what I had to do !!!



All good things came to an end, tomorrow, we all go back to Sacramento, we had a fantastic 2 weeks ski vacations with spring like conditions.

Every night, I was plugging in the electric oil pan heater
I installed for the Arctic Circle in  2005 and the sidecar started well every morning.

This is how I see my Dungeness crab when I close my eye... but rollover this image to see the sad reality !!!



We just spend one week skiing at Lake Tahoe and we have an other week in front of us, life is good.

Don't miss the short video of our family ski vacation at Lake Tahoe with Lorraine, Jessica and Milou !!! - Click here.

PS: If the Youtube video or the sound does not work, click on the link above the video to bring you to the video directly from my server and enjoy it.

Going skiing with style !!!



Ewan and Tina, two accomplised travelers, who I did not know, saw the sidecar in the parking lot of the ski lift and wrote me an email to invite us for dinner. We went to visit them in their house last night. They are a young couple living here but they already traveled (smart) a lot in South East Asia, India and Australia. Thank you Ewant and Tina for this great Indian dinner, we had a great time... even if we ran out of gas on our back home in the middle of the night (thank you Jessica for keeping gas in the jerry can of the sidecar, you saved my butt !!!).



When was the last time we went skiing together for 2 weeks, well, it never happened before. We are all set living in a nice appartement with view and a full kitchen. In the morning, we go with the sidecar drop Milou at a dog day care, then we go skiing with a superb weather and come back home mid afternoon... totally exhausted, life at it's best !!!

My two stars, Lorraine and Jessica on the ski slope of Lake Tahoe magnificients mountains.



We all went to ski at lake Tahoe. Andrew, the kids and Lorraine were in the car and Jessica and I were on the sidecar (from the Americas).

On the way there, we stopped to put another layer of clothes as the temperature was down to 18ºF...

...a guy on his motorcycle stopped next to us "I know you, I follow your blog...".
This is James I never met before, a professional guitar player living in the area. Nice meeting you James !!!



The day I arrived in Sacramento, I met Ariel, a friend of Jessica who talk to us about a group of friend who meet every morning at 7:00 am for a coffee at the "Old Soul" coffee shop in downtown Sacramento. By 8:00 am everyone is gone to his day. Ariel was telling us that it started 10 years ago with 3 friends meeting every morning for coffee before going to work and the group growed naturally. Today it involved 35 people very close from each other and every morning at least 12 to 15 show up.

The next morning, I decided to go meet the group, I would have love to belong to such a support group during my active life.

It was fantastic, the simplicity and consistance of these people. I have been waking up at 6:45 am every morning to be on time and take a coffee with them.

From the youngest to oldest, the "Old Soul" group provide a solid support from each other !!!



I would like to download the maps from Africa to my GPS V from Garmin. I do have the cable to connect to PC but I don't have the world map software from Garmin.

If anybody can help, send me an email, I would very much appreciate.

Thanks in advance.



I am looking to borrow the PC World Map software for my GPS Garmin V ( I have the cable).



I spend a day in paris, saw my doctor, ate too much, had dinner at Bernard and Marie France's house with Bernard's parent who are fabulous for being 92. Next morning, I took my plane for Sacramento where I arrived last night and I am ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with Lorraine, Jessica, Andrew, his kids Jack and Grayson and his dad Charles. As for Jean Louis, he is celebrating with Alison in New York.

I wish to all of you a very happy Thanksgiving where ever you are.


I still have a couple of photo stories to do that I will put online in the coming days.



Thank you Franck for his help to remove the rear swing arm and replacing the 4 bearings holding it.

I have no more symptoms of the malaria and i eat with apetite, I am ready for the turkey !!!

Flying to Paris tomorrow.

Jean-Louis, Jean-Marie, Damien, Franck each travelling to Mali in a Mercedes and flying back home !!!



Great news: This morning, I went to the Polyclinique Pasteur of Bamako to check on my malaria, the doctor had a professional scale in his office, my weight went from 180lb before my 1st malaria to 160lb today, no wonder why I am so good looking these days !!!

The blood test showed I have traces of malaria so i continue my treatment for the next 3 days, but I have no more nausea or dizzyness and I eat like a pig (but not the pig unfortunately) again with great pleasure.

We visited 2 Swedish biker in an auberge not far, also going to South Africa,
were a group of traveller were cooking a grilled pig, but we were not invited !!!



Riding with malaria is possible but it's not fun !!!


The first day was the worst, we left Mopti to reach "San" late after going to the hospital and being diagnosed with a light malaria. The temperature in the shade is over 100ºF so imagine on the open roads. I had nausea, I felt dizzy, my eye sight was fuzzy, these condition were fluctuating constantly and I was adjusting my speed accordingly. We also stopped many times. So riding under these circumtances required a permanent very high level of concentration and I did good on that. At one point, I felt my conditions being much worst, I stopped quickly on the side of the road, shut down the ignition, and I secured myself on my seat my head between my hands on the gas tank and I fainted !!!

A few minutes later, I was back on my feet feeling OK.

In the middle of that night, I was cold again, I get dressed went back to bed and could not control the violent shivering I had. My thought was "It would be really stupid to die from hypothermia in Africa !!!


The second day was much better we left early so we could stop under a tree at the pick day and we arrived early Segou. I had no more shivering that night. I had nausea during the day but I was able to eat a good dinner.


The 3rd day (today) we left early and we arrived at lunch time in Bamako. I still feel nausea but I am happy to be able to rest for a few days before taking my plane next week.

You don't choose where you are going to faint, unluckily, it was not under the shadow of a tree !!!



Yesterday Afternoon I went to Fotama, take some photo and videos of the "Football Team Flo created. on my way back I had a flat tire and I had to return by night. It was not cold but i was freezing. I had an other difficult night with my primaloft jacket, long pants, heavy socks and 2 covers!

This morning, I went to do the the Malaria test and I have a new malaria.

It is very low this time only 260 things unstead of 2045 last time so it's no big deal.

I was lucky to have a doctor from Norway, who is formel, it is a new mosquito byte. I have a 3 days treatement and my malaria will be gone.


We are taking the road for Bamako.



Here is our Christmas holiday schedule.

We leave tuesday november 22, I go to Paris, visit my general check-up doctor that afternoon, spend the evening at my sister Marie France's appartement and the 23rd, I fly to Sacramento to arrive just on time for the Thanks Giving feast with part of my beloved family.

Jean-Louis is flying to New York to be with Alison.

From december 3rd to the 17th, I will be skying with Lorraine, Jessica, Andrew and Milou. After the Christmas drama, Lorraine and we will take a plane to Paris on december 27. We have 2 weeks in France to visit our friends like our Marcel Pangnol friends like Giorgio in Geneva and others...

January 9, 2012, I fly back to Bamako and connect with Jean-Louis in Casablanca who will be coming back from New York.


At our return, the program (that may change):

Mali > Burkina Faso > Ghana > Togo > Benin > Nigeria > Cameroun.

What a shame, I could have easily ride the 500 miles to go from Mopti to Bamako with this excellent tire !!!



We left Ouadagoudou and arrived tonight at Ouahigouya on the north west of the country. Life on the road is beautiful !!!

Write in the guestbook how many "live goats" you think this guy carry on his motorcycle ?

With Adelina, Martin friend from Paris, owner of the auberge "Pavillon Vert" of Oudagoudou.



After a few days spend on the tracks of laterite in the south of Burkina Faso, we arrived last night at the capital Ouadagoudou and we settled at the auberge "Pavillon Vert" as recommended by Martin.

We enjoyed the difference of attitude people had along the road by compare of what we saw so far in Africa, more jovial, more enthusiasts, less $$$ expectation, may be also because we were more deeply inside the country than we did before.

Yesterday, for the first time in Africa, we ate traditional pig cooked in oven, very excellent !!!



We are riding almost everyday around Burkina Faso where people are very jovial and open. The rainy saison is behind us, we have a strong sun everydays. Tomorrow, we will arrive at the capitale Ouadagoudou.

How do you put your cow on and off the roof of your van ?



We are having a great time, travelling in the South Ouest of Burkina Faso in places where there are not too many tourists.

Of course, at the end of the day, you ate more dust that you wanted but that's how it is !

A "Zen" moment at the Karfiguela waterfall .



We came in the south to Bonfora and today we go visit the Karfiguela waterfall and the Fabedougou Dôme.



Two days on the road, it feels great but we are exausted, we need to break-in again. The border to Burkina Faso was no problem at all.

Just a little welding on the road at the rear door of the sidecar, really no big deal !!!



Noon, we are packed, going to on the road to Burkina Faso!



I lost a lot of weight but since the last 3 to 4 days, I feel good to eat again and that's the most important. Jean-Louis just arrived in Mopti, tomorrow he will settle down tomorrow with his sidear and we will be back on the road the next day going to Burkina Faso.

I met Christian the first time at the "Closerie des Lilas" 2 years ago. We met again for one evening in Mopti !!!



Last night, Jean Louis arrived in Bamako (500 miles from Mopti where I am with the sidecars). He has to take care of his passport and visa and should join me at the end of the week.

I went back to the hospital this morning, I am now on a new antibiotic treatment much softer than what I had before. I now can eat, I don't have fever anymore but I am still coughing.



I did not realise how long it was since my last update, here is what's happening.

I have no more malaria in my blood, but i am enduring the after effects. I have stomach problems and throat problems. I have difficulties to eat and i am very tired. I am in bed 22h a day trying to relax and sleep. But there is progress so I'm moving on.

As for jean Louis, in Germany, they found 3 kidney stones at different times, so his return was delay, but now he is in good shape and will take his plane to Bamako tomorrow.

Thank you for all your good wishes on the guest book and all the emails i got, I appreciate your support and the only reason I am not communicating too much is because, I am still groggy !



I completed the treatment against my malaria last night. I went to the hospital this morning and the test is negatif, I don't have traces of malaria in my blood any more.

As for Jean-Louis, he still have a by-pass tube in the ureter to be removed on monday.

Now that my malaria is gone, all I have to do is eat again to get my strengh back.



My oldest daughter Eve and her husband Peter live in the Jersey island in UK and they just went for a week vacation in Las Vegas. I highly recommended them to go to the popular all you can eat buffet breakfast - lunch and dinner where for a few $ you have hundreds of dishes to choose from. And that makes a big difference when in Jersey the sunday salad buffet can give about 6 to 8 choices !!!



My fever is going up and down. I suet a lot again but this morning I am in much better shape. I went back to the hospital, they give me a pills treatment for the next 3 days then we will do the test for malaria again... "You need a lot of rest"

I ate 2 eggs sunny side up with a coffee, and crashed at my favorite small deli, where i slept for an hour!



By lunch time, I finished my second perfusion. I have a 3rd one tonight.

Miday was a nightmare. I was freezing cold and suetting like crazy in my fleece underwear. I went seat outside on a chair under the sun to warm up. I saw it coming, I was fainting, I took a safe position in the chair with my head on the back and when I came back to my senses,  I was throwing up on my clothes !!!

An hour later I was back in bed, my clothe being washed and after a long nap, I wake up much better. Still a lot of fever but no suetting.

I am waiting for the doctor to do my 3rd perfusion.



I filled the "Press" folder on the left column (Press is on every pages of the web site). If you remember an article or a videi I forget, let me know, I was not too well organised on that!

I have fever since yesterday, I went to the hospital have the test "the dry drop" to see if i don't have "Malaria". I will have the answer of the test later today.


OK, it's Malaria, i have 2825 germes of trizoide in the blood. I need 3 perfusion in the next 36 hours and i will be on the right track !!!

I am in my auberge room, having 3 perfusions will take care of my "Malaria"



To day, I turned 65!

"I am going to treat mysself with 6 eggs sunny side up very soft au "Bon Café" chez Mahmed Toure" - Hubert



"Yay, Jean-Louis is no longer stoned !!!"  - Alison


Jean-Louis' stone was destroyed, and in a few days he will be back on his feet.

I was very happy to be able to send an other truck of coal for this winter to Pourou's wife at Zummod where she lives with their children during the winter.  Thankyou Sybille and Rene from hostel Oasis of Ulaanbaatar for taking care of the delivery.

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