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Video with Jessica and Hubert in the Himalayas


Jessica flight back to California friday, we had a very good time together, just fooling around and having fun in the Himalaya mountains.

They caught me when getting out of the Imperial Hotel rated #1 in all Asia !!!


We are in the Himalaya and there is no better place in the world to celebrate my 69th birthday... with Jessica !!!

Ready to roll with Jessica from New Delhi to the Himalayas...

MTM - Motorcyle Travellers Meet at Bangalore - September 24/27, 2015.


So many things happens since I left the Leh in the Himalaya a month ago.

- First news from Jinji, he is starting a rehab program in one of the best hospital of Tel Aviv. Even if he was never able to speak since his fall, he is now laughing at the jokes of his friends and familiy visiting him daily... keep fighting Jinji !!!

- The ride from Leh to Manali through the 5 passes was divine as expected. The only problem I had was to find out that my rear wheel got a couple of broken spokes and all the others loose. I was able to reach New Delhi with my spare wheel and got it fixed there.

- Nepal has probem. First we know since a couple of month the road and the border to Tibet is still closed since the earthquake so no access to Mont Everest Base Camp this year! Chinzo, Sangeetha, Jessica and I are all disapointed but that's the way it is.

- Jessica is still coming at the end of the month for a couple of weeks together.

- Nepal is troubled by riots all over the country due to a proposal change of the constitution. Read the article "I Am In Nepal Now"

- My devise has always been "With courage, let's flee" !!! Why would I go in the middle of violent population street protest. in consequence Jessica changed her plane ticket and unstead of landing in Kathmadu, she will not land in New Delhi and we will go from there.

- I had to swing by Nepal to validate the "Carnet" of the sidecar for an other 6 months in India, it's done, I went to a remote border on the west side where I went already last may.

- Wednesday, I am flying to Bangalore where I am a speaker for the MTM - Motorcycle Traveller Meet runned by Santosh from IBW (ast February in Goa).


I have so many late photos stories in my sleeve, I just have to do the updates !!!

When I stop on the side of the road, I'm never alone!

"I'm Still A Kid, Dreaming" by Ajay Khullar in " Discover India" Magazine. September 2015.


I am now going down on the Himalaya flanc. I will stop by New Delhi to try to aligne my spoke rear wheel which did not like the brutality of the mountain trails. Also I need to fix a software problem on my 2 years old Garmin GPS designed like a dinosaur !!!

From Leh to Manali by the 5 Indian Himalaya passes.


I am leaving the very comfortable Leh, Ladakh.
There is 5 passes above 16,000' to get to Manali.
Then, I go to Nepal where Jessica came to visit me in Kathmandu at the end of the month.

I took care of the tires, the sidecar is looking good.

It's about time I get out of my summer hibernation in Ladakh and get back on the road.
By the way, don't get used to this kind of quality photograph by my friend Behzad, he is not coming with me!

Today, Jinji is back in Israel, but he did not wake up yet; it may take a few days or a few weeks...
I will post news from Jinji on this page when I will have some from his friends in Israel !!!

My daughters Eve and Lucie told the family that I was not welcome to came to the funeral of  Francoise, so, I will mourn from India.



I want to thank you:

My wife Lorraine and my daughter Jessica for always encouraging me to do the best I could for Francoise
My sister Marie-France and Bernard for participating financially and for visiting Francoise every week
Francoise's sister Brigitte and Denis for participating financially from the begining
Her loving brother Alain who jump on the train to participate financially and came to visit Francoise recently
All her friends from IVI the religious organisation like Cecile and Denis who by dozen came to visit Francoise in Augustines and Villa Concorde every weeks.
All my bikers friends, like Frederic, Nico, Dominique, Theresia,  Guy and Claudette who visited Francoise without knowing her other than by my me or my web site.
Finally, all the people working at Villa Concorde who were dedicated to provide the best possible comfort to Francoise, physical, pshychological and emotional until the last day of her "Station of the Cross".

With all my gratitude and admiration to Francoise for her courage, the good mother of my daughters Eve & Lucie



In memory of Marie-Françoise, the mother of my two oldest daughters Eve and Lucie, who died sunday in Paris. Having the ALS desease (ice Bucket Challenge) for the last 3 years, she was under IV since a week and Friday, she decided to remove it for the weekend; with all the courage she had since 3 years, she decided when to go. July 26

Because painting was more a feeling than anything else for Marie-Francoise, she made me write on this photo with a spitfully large smile:


"Unlike the appearance, I don't paint with my head" - Marie-Françoise - Mai 2015

In long distance riding you will find that… on the road it’s just the two of you, the person in control and the one in your head carrying on the conversation. I ride to run with the conversation in my head. After forty years of riding a motorcycle I still find the conversation illuminating


                                                                                 David Derrick


When we look at each other bikes, either we think, how come i don't have that on mine?.. or what a piece of crap this guy have! We are never indifferent.
                                                                                             David Derrick

On February 16, 2005 at 6:04am, David was the only one to come to Prince Street for the departure of my “Ten Years on the Road”. He took this photo of me leaving New York; may be for me, the most emotional photo of my last 11 years on the road!


I am resting in Leh (11.500') where I am suppose to meet with Ajay the editor of the magazine "Discover India" who flew there from New Delhi to interview me and do a shooting somehow in the mountains around for the september cover issue.


The last few days, I revamped the VIDEOS pages and put online many new or old videos that were not accessible.

Meeting with my friends Jay, Avi and Behzad in Leh, Himalaya.


My 2 friends, Avi from Mumbai and Jay from New Delhi, both motorcycle world travellers arrived in Leh for a short vacation. We are going in the mountains for a few days together. I told them we go where ever you want guys, their answer made me laugh "OK, let's start witht the Kardhung pass, the highest motorable road in the world at 18.380'" !!!!!!!  Sure I told them, that's a great idea !!!!!!    (;+>

I will be bak in Leh in a few days.

"This is not a village, this is a Monastery from the 17th-century and
yes, you can sleep here but 1st, you have to do a couple of things very important !!!"...


While I am waiting at Leh for my friends Jay and Avi (in a couple of days) I followed the suggestion of my Friend Nico in Paris to put online the history of all the Blah-Blah-Blog since the begining, this is what you at the top of this page. I revived so many good memories for me. Also I suggest you to look at "Where Was Hubert" on the left column, I don't know about you but for me, I love it a lot !!!

The Ural took me to the "Highest Motorable Road in the World" Himalaya, India !!!

This morning I will try to go by the Khardung pass at 18.328' arguably, the highest drivable road in the world.
So far I managed a perfect carb setup at 13.448' but I still have smaller jets at my disposal. Full report... if I made it or not !!!

Welcome to Ladakh, Himalaya.

Entering Kashmir in the Himalayas.

The director of Transportation of Chamba is formal:
"The remote Sach pass (14,202') is still closed and will not open before 10 days", so I go to Srinagar by Doda!


Click on this link if you want to see the detailed interactive maproute of how I fame from Haldwani to Manali where I am today.


Click here for the interactive map from Haldwani to Manali

Photo of the Rohtang pass (the 1st of the 4 big one) last sunday...
This is why I don't go by the Rohtang pass, but by Srinagar on remotes roads and back to Leh to avoid the crowd

Welcome to Naghat (populatiion 500), Himalaya.

I am not dreaming anymore, I am riding the Himalayas !!!

You are my Goddess Venus and I am Hercules on my 3 wheels vehicule coming toward you...
Happy birthday my beloved Lorraine. Narainbagar, Uttarakhand, Himalaya.

In search of the "YETI", Himalayas' here I come !?!?!    (I am out of the Indian heat wave).

I am currently at Aldwani "A" at the foot of the Himalayas where the temperature reach 115ºF,
but as soon as I ride 20 miles North, at 6000' in Nainital the temperature is back to normal at 85ºF.
I am going to ride 1000 miles on the flank of the Himalayas to Srinagar "B" then climb progressively to Leh "C".
Then I will ride all the passes (15000' to 18000') to Manali "D" . That should keep me busy for a couple of weeks.

I swing by Bhimdatta, Nepal to validate my sidecar for an other 6 months at my return in India.

I left New Delhi at 4:00 am and by noon, I was at the border of Nepal by the south Ouest corner: Bambasa/Bhimdatta.
When the custom agent offer you a tea, it does not matter how long it takes for the formalities.

Just a little maintenance on the sidecar wheel with Shazab under the 107ºF of New Delhi.  

The temperature, falling as low as 86ºF, allows a good night sleep along the roads of Rajastan.

I know Jaideep by internet since I first arrived in India last september.
Everybody was telling me not to drive by Ahmedabad when going north because of the extreme heat of
115ºF by mid day in this season but I would not miss meeting Jaideep and his family no matter how hot it is.
Thank you for your hospitaliy Jaideep. (L to R) Leena, Seema, Sara, Jaideep, Tanya, Esha & Sanchi

Under the 100ºF furnace, 100 miles north of Mumbai, on my way to New Delhi.

Sunday night, Ballard Estate, Mumbai. India.

Final preparation with Joshua before going to the Himalaya's mountains.
On top of the sidecar maintenance, I modified 4 pockets of a new pants I bought in Paris, fixed my shoes,
bought Verilux lenses for the new glasses frame i got from Selima in Paris, bought a couple of dongles to
hopefully better connect on internent in the Himalaya mountains and visited my friends of Bombay etc...


I was 3 weeks in Paris to help Marie Françoise, the mother of my 2 oldest daughters. She is now tetraplegic with the ALS desease, weight 82 lb, and is very weak.
I admire her determination and courage to undertake painting again !!!

I arrive tonight in Mumbai. I got my sidecar that was parked at my friend Adil's building and drove it downtown to Fort where I park it now at my other friend Daniel's gas station.. I am now in my little hôtel a block away.

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