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Happy New Year to all. Enjoying the early morning walk along the Sacramento river with my beloved Lorraine and
our daughter Jessica and granddaughter Ellie. I am so happy to have such a rich family life. California. 1/1/2018.

All I wanted for my 71 birthday was to enjoy the simplicity of my family life with my beloved Lorraine
and our daughter Jessica with her extended family in California. Sacramento October 1st, 2017.

Visiting Nico when arriving in Paris, it felt good to put my hands in dirty grease again! France.  July 28, 2017

I was very pleased to see a new survey in France
stating that 64% of French people approve their new President Macron.
This morning the alternator of our camping van broke on the busy highway of Sacramento.
During the 45 minutes I waited for the tow truck to came, 3 people in their cars stopped to ask me if I needed help !!!
Nobody asked me if I voted for Trump or Clinton. In America, like in every country in the world, people are nice, get along
well with each other, and will help you if you have a problem.
People are not divided -- only political people are divided.

In this photo, Jessica's Ellie, aka Eleanor, is 3 hours old. Like in every family an emotional moment for all of us.
Sacramento, California. 11:00 am, May 27, 2017

We made it just on time in California. Jessica is now at full term, so it will be any minutes within the next 2 weeks.
Sacramento, California. May 12, 2017

"Wirtschaften Mit Sinn" - Gerold Schlegel
(Adventuring well means using common sense by managing assets while taking risk… like in finance)
I was invited by Gerold to make a presentation at Bern, Switzerland. April 28, 2017

“El Patta Negra de Espana" was excellent and the 'black leg' party a success. Saint Pierre Eglise, Normandie.

Come join us:
Thursday, April 20, 3pm at Gary’s farm in Saint Pierre Eglise, Normandie.

(write me an email, I will send you the location)

"Black Leg Party”, also known as "La Fête des Jambes Noires”, or more commonly: “El Patta Negra de Espana" degustation! 
We are returning from Spain with a traditional Spanish delicacy that Lorraine refers to as "that dead pig in her camper”.
 Come and share. Bring your drink or sweets as you wish.
We hope to see you there...
Hubert and Lorraine

Searching Lorraine's French roots. Here, waking up in the van across the Chateau de Chaumont sur Loire.

Pinocchio took me to Geneva... without calling his dad !!!

(In staggered order) Viviane & Marc (who is looking at us from up there) ride the Americas on a motorcycle, Michel &
Martine are are going there on 3 wheels at the end of the month and for Frank & Laurence the honey moon continue...

Come have a drink together
Sunday March 12 starting at 6:00pm
"Closerie des Lilas", (Angle Boulevard Saint Michel and Boulevard de Port Royal) Paris, France

12 years ago today, (February 16) my life changed in front of a “crème brulée” at l'Orange Bleu.
At that dinner, my friend Jean-Louis encouraged me to think different:
Why not sell everything, jump on my sidecar and hit the road?

We arrived for 2 months in our bungalow under the coconut tree on the beach of Agonda in India.

Sharing our travel stories at Triquestcycles in Santa Clara, California.  January 8, 2017

I hope to see you there... or later somewhere on the road - Merry Christmas everybody !!!

Outstanding Jon, you acheived your goal in less than 3h30 in Sacramento's marathon !!!

This morning Jessica ordered a 3-course breakfast -- not surprising when you are eating for two !!!      (;+>

I went to Seattle to visit Ural headquarters. While there, Ilya, the owner & CEO was connected all over the world,
the factory (Irbit, Siberia), manufacturing parts (Taiwan & Italy), distribution (Japan, Australia, Europe, China & Russia),
his wife, Madina (USA and Canada), at the same time working with his loyal right hand R&D mechanic Sergey.

By opening this crate with Milou (and Lorraine) at Le Havre, France
I officially conclude my 5 months travel in New Zealand. October 28, 2016

Pourou and his wife Khishigbayr are in the steppes of Mongolia where the temperature is already at single digit at night.
This year, Chinzo (shovel) went himself to deliver Pourou's family coal for the winter in the village where the children
stay during the winter. Byambajav (left) & Oyondari were expecting this cute little girl last time I was there.


Currently riding the beautiful Irelande with Lorraine in her van...


I hope to see you at the Salon du Sidecar in France October 23-23

In Normandie, it's like on motorcyle, when it rains you are wet like at my 70's birthday Oyster Bash at Pointe du "Bear".

When leaving New Zealand, I stopped by California to see Jessica and Jon. When in France, I had lunch with my sister Marie France and my brother Patrick, I went to Nancy have dinner with Guy and Claudette, I spend a day at the marché of Aix en Provence with Bernard and his Carreau de Blé, then I spend an afternoon in Paris with NIco, Emma, Charles and Sylvie finally I went to Geneva see my good friend Giorgio.
I am now in Barfleur, Normandie with my beloved Lorraine.

I would love to see you (again) to my "Oyster Bash" at Pointe du Bear (you won’t find it on google; see map attached) Saturday October 1 at 6pm"

I hope to see you there


Came to my "Oyster Bash" at Pointe du Bear Saturday October 1 at 6pm.


I just loved the last 5 months I spend in the (mild) winter season of  New Zealand where the roads and camps were deserted. Thank you to all of you my Kiwi's friends for your kindness and hospitality, I hope to meet with you again one of these days somewhere on the road!!!

I am shipping the sidecar to Le Havre, France to go visit my good friend Giorgio in Geneva and do a full check-up of the Ural after 80.000 miles of abuse!!!

I am flying to Sacramento give a kiss to Jessica then I go to Normandy with my beloved Lorraine and wait for my sidecar to arrive.


After 80.000 miles of abuse, it's about time to go visit my friend Giorgio in Geneva for a deep check-up !!!

Wow, with my photo the day, I almost forgot I had a BlahBlahBlog !!!
What a great feeling of riding along the freezing lakes of the Kiwi's Alpes mountains !!!


I'm leaving my hibernation's cave of Wanaka to go to Christchurch pick up  my friend Frederic.

Frédéric is shaping himself before joining me in NZ in a couple of weeks....

Our beloved Jon and Jessica got married the day after he proposed her in Bali.

Yesterday in Bali, Jon proposed to Jessica to the delight of her mom and dad.
Congratulation jessica and Jon, we love you very much - Hubert and Lorraine.

The "Brass Monkey" is the coldest rally of New Zealand in the Maniototo area

Now, that's a bonfire at the Brass Monkey Rally !!! (;+>      Maniototo, NZ.

Happy birthday Lorraine

This weekend is the F1 GP of Monaco.
In 2013, Catherine and Frederic invited me to the F1 GP of Monaco.
Today, Catherine left us... we will never forget her !!!

The New Zealand Alpes by the Arthur's Pass

Tonight,I was a speaker at the moto club "Ulysse of Canterbury" in Christchurch.


I did not realise that since i started the photo of the day on the page (top right) Where is Hubert, i kind of forgot about the blablablog...
I will now post here the photos that I want to keep alive like the photo from my friend Behzad below.


I left my caban, I am on the road on my way to Christchurch where I will be May 18 for the monthly Ural meeting.

During that time, my friend Behzad went back to the Indian Himalaya, what a great photographer he is  !!!

Balancing the carburators of my friend Kevin's 98 Ural sidecar in Auckland.

I got my sidecar out of New Zealand custom.

Congratulation Jessica on your interview at Chicago WGN9 News

I told him "it's for New Zealande"; just to impress the custom officers !!!  - Bombay

The "Ice Run" on Lake Baîkal has completed !!!

Thank you to all of you who voted for your favorite photo for the Horizons Unlimted Calendar 2017

New, in the page "Where is Hubert" is now the link "Photo of Day"
The "Photo of the Day" is not a postcard but expresses an emotion I felt in the moment - Hubert

Lorraine, dancing with the waves. Agonda Beach, Goa, India.

Just celebrating the departure of the sidecar for New Zealand with an other fish at the beach!

The Corinthiakos with my sidecar on the 3rd deck left Mumbai this morning in direction of Auckland.

News from Jinji !!!
Last summer in the Himalaya I met an exceptional guy named Jinji
On his way down from Stock Peak, he lost his footing and slid down the mountain at 19.000'

Our friends came to visit us at Agonda Beach. Santosh from Bengalore and
Pankaj from Bombay came by bike & Bala and Varsha from Chennai came by plane.


In the "Don't forget to take a risk today" and after 10 years of tergirversation, today, I'm turning "Raw" !!!   (photographicallly speaking)



Today is the 11th anniversary of my "Ten Years on the Road"!


“Selling everything I had in 2005 to go travel around the world on my sidecar was the best decision I ever made in my life”.


I am now on the road for good, in India today, shipping my sidecar to New Zealand.


I love and miss each of you.



Going somewhere Hubert?  "Yes, I go to New Zealand".

Where do you go Hubert after India "either Iran, Australia, Vietnan, France... or else" ?!?!?


Your turn to vote:      (before February 21, 2016)


I have a photo shoot by Behzad during last summer in the Himalaya that was selected as one of 30 possible for the 2017 calendar of Horizons Unlimited.


Click here to vote If you are a register user at Horizons Unlimited


Click here to vote on Facebook by liking your favorites pics


Click here to vote in Instagram by liking your favorites pics


If I were you, I would definitely choose a photo with a sidecar... but that's only me !!!    (;+>


What a majestic animal, I felt very little next to him !!!

Warming up in front of a dung fire, it feels good to be back on the road !!!


It's 5:00am, it's -20ºF at Ulaanbaatar, I'm riding without socks from New Delhi!


I sorted all my stuff the whole day and it was needed. When in Namibia I discovered my Syndrome drama, I had for example 9 iPod's cable !!! I thought I learned my lesson and I was proud of myself to see I had only 2 today.

Unfortunately, I have to admit I counted 7 ear headphones, 4 used in working order and 3 new !@#$%^&*

I'm still working on it, I will prevail !!!    (;+>


Bottom line, the sidecar is packed and tomorrow, I'll ride to Nepal to stamp my "Carnet de Passage" for the sidecar to be legal for the next 6 months in India at my return.

My "Syndrome" is running faster than me !!!


First day in New Delhi, re-accustoming myself with the sidecar and where is everything ?!?!? For example, I found the Wifi dungle, of course I removed the battery before I left India, of course I can't find the battery !?!?!  I have to relearn my day to day life, but after a few days, it will find again my simple life!


The sidecar started at the 2nd try, pretty good. I change the ingnition that was torned after 10 years, and the electric is working good. Tomorrow, I will put back the final drive I brought with me to change the beaurings and I will be ready to go by this weekend.

There were a 'taxi' strike when I left Paris, fortunately, there were no 'elephant' strike when I arrived in New Delhi.

This is it, from CDG, I'm on my way to my sidecar in New Delhi !!!

Fabrice, father of 2, I met in Patagonia in 2007. Movie maker of Yamana

My nephew Laurent (world traveller) with his daughter Jeanne

1 year aound Europe "Oliv & Zac" & their family at home with Jean Bardet & Momo (Alternative Side-Car)
     (L>R) Zac, Virginie, Valerie, Marine, Olivier, Vanille, Jean, Momo. (Melissa was in the air).

Not only Bernard bake the best bread man can do but he is also a poetic baker:
"What a beautiful death for a 'Coulommiers' (french cheese) to end it's life on such a good bread !!!

My good friends from Geneva, Giorgio, Claude and Pierrot.
Nobody can say as many stupid things in one minute as them !!!     (;+>

For the TGV train ride to Geneva I tested the food I collected for Giorgio's birthday:
- Foie Gras frais from Auvergne I got from my Sister Marie France
- Saucisse à Tatiner Alsacienne I bought at Schmidt Gare de l'Est in Paris with mustard de Dijon fine et forte
- Coulommier de Brie offert by Frederic for my sister Marie France but will end in Giorgio's mouth
- Faisselle Rians 60% with Cristal Suggar
- Galette des Rois amandine
- Crispy Baguette & Badoit

Dinner with Frederic in his new house. He is as crazy about Mongolia as me and is may be the best cook I know...

lunch with my sister Marie France and our friend Pascal...

Landed in Paris with Nico always happy of himself...

I left Sacramento for Seattle to spend a day with Ilya and Madina the owners or Ural.
They are indefatigably working on improvement in performance an reliability of our beloved machines.


Happy new year everybody, see you one of these days somewhere on the road !!!

An amazing surprise: Brigitte (Francoise' sister) Denis, Gaelle, Stephanne, Nina & Martin who were
supposed to be in Houston Texas for the holidays came in California, Peddle Beaach in the house we rented for
a week and surprised me in the living room as I came back from food shopping. I love you all, thank you so much.


After watching the 'submarine' Ural sidecars in the video below
I had to find out how they did it ?!?!?

The drivers are real managers and engineers from
the Ural factory in Irbit, and those are their real names.

Since 2013, Ilya, Ural's owner, with his factory management team
wanted to test themselves what they are building and selling.

They prepared 5 sidecars
- EFI motors, 2 in 1 exhausts, special air intake -
and went off-road in the wild Siberia.

The top of the sidecar is sealed with sheet metal.
We can see (below) the air intake tube coming from the front and going into the sidecar to the trunk.

Only Sidecar that pass all of Ural's 'exclusive' tests are allowed to leave Siberia!.

Merry Christmas to the crew of Sacramento, California.


Share a drink...


Thursday December 17 starting at 7 pm...

(not 6 pm as before).

Fox & Goose at R & 10, Sacramento.

Come share a drink before Christmas.


What a great group of people at the traditional sunday Christmas Triquest gathering. Santa Clara, California.


The Open Book is online again...

Write it all, don't withold anything !


Come share Ski's ribs with me
at Triquest Ural
Sunday December 13 starting at 9:00 am
2981 Lafayette St.
Santa Clara CA 95054
Phone 408-855-8358

Alexandre Zurcher



Alex (French) is a true entrepreneur. 10 years ago, Alex came to New Delhi for a college exchange program where he bought a Royal Enfield. He fell in love with both India and Royal Enfields and started a motorcycle rental business for adventurous travelers called Vintage Ride. Today, Vintage Ride owns 60 Bullets 500cc with 20 people running the business and is still exploring new routes as you can see on these videos...


I was very impressed by Alex's entrepreneurial spirit when I met him in New Delhi last Spring.

Himalaya Trial Run (#1/3)

Himalaya Trial Run (#2/3)

Himalaya Trial Run (#3/3)


Share a drink...


Thursday December 17 starting at 7pm...

Fox & Goose at R & 10, Sacramento.

Come share a drink before Christmas.



Come share Ski's ribs with me
at Triquest Ural
Sunday December 13 starting at 9:00 am
2981 Lafayette St.
Santa Clara CA 95054
Phone 408-855-8358

Arriving in California for the holiday season with Lorraine and Jessica. Sacramento, USA.


After a great weekend in Antourloupe (Est of France) with Nico, Guy and Claudette, I'm on my way to have dinner with our friends of Barfleur.

Chico: What is Tubliss ?
Harpo: What a piece of shit this Tubliss ?
Groucho: It does not prove antything !?!?!
"See you soon for more adventures with the Marx brothers" - France. November 2015

Great evening with friends at the Hiidden Hotel in Paris.


If you are around, come

Wednesday November 4, 2015 at 7PM
Hidden Hôtel, 28 rue de l'Arc de triomphe, 75017 Paris


I would love meeting with you...



and below, visiting friends in France and Geneva...

With Giorgio's family in Geneva Ken, Boubi, Nana, Toup'ti.

Alain (Mongolia with Pourou 2014) with his son Natan visiting Geneva.

Bernard and his famous Carreau de Blé with Jacques at Aix en Provence.

Shalimar (Mongolia 2010), Vincent, Lucien and Amélie now in the south of France.

Pourou's wife Hischigdortsch and their younger daughter, Moktzizik were at home when Chinzo organized the
coal's delivery I do every year for them to endure the rudeness of the Mongol's winter for her and the kids while
Pourou stay alone in the steppes of the Gobi desert with his herd of goats, sheeps and camels.  October 20, 2015.

The landing in Paris eating baguette with my friend Nico was a success !!!


Tomorrow is the last day of my 6 months visa in India, I am flying to Paris tonight, then I will go to California with Lorraine and Jessica for Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday and will come back to India in January.


I will do a presentation in Paris, feel free to come as you whish, I always love seeing you:

Wednesday November 4, 2015 at 7PM
Hidden Hôtel, 28 rue de l'Arc de triomphe, 75017 Paris

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