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        Eurasia | Mongolia-Winter | Mongolia-Spring
I might as well admit it right away: I’ve never been on a motorcycle in my life (besides a ride in Hubert’s sidecar 10 years ago in… Manhattan). Nothing that could really prepare me to the roads of Mongolia. We left the capital going south. 20 miles later, we left the paved road behind us…
Another I have to confess is that, on the first day, I was just about to quit. I had the impression that my diaphragm was a tight knot and my vertebras were undoing themselves. Hubert even had to explain to me that the “washboard” effect was natural and that, no, it wasn’t a preparation for the road to be paved as I had thought naively. But once that first day is over, it’s too late to quit: after that small taste, all you want is more. So, one holds on tighter, and soon you’re even thrilled to get onto the motorcycle in the morning… (Here are a few pictures to demonstrate that)