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If you look at "Who is Hubert by Date", you will read 1966: my first trip alone: I rented a donkey and went around israel starting from the Kibbutz Eindor in Gallilee and sold it at the animal market of Nazareth !
On the Greek boat taking me from France to Israël, I met Daniel with whom I will travel Israël on 2 donkeys. At our return in France, we lost track of each other until yesterday !!! Thanks to an article published in the French magazine "Moto-Mag" I received an email from Daniel:

Daniel's email from yesterday: "It was summer 1966 on 2 donkeys on the road of Israël with ideas of desert... July 9, 1966, my first night under the sky, the day I turned 20, we wake up by a herd of sheep"          (I remember how terrified I was - Hubert)...


Daniel Perilla   Errances Bédouines


Daniel wrote a thesis on pastoralism, become ethnologist and film maker. Lived 11 years in the Algerian Sahara in the 70's, made many motorcycle adventure in the Sahara and wrote a book "Errances Bédouines" in which he mention "a certain Hubert, a crazy guy who gave him the taste for the world and its humanity", but for me, it was Daniel who helped me to open the door of the world during our trip in Israël !!!


Click here to read the arcticle in Moto-Mag